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Maxi Work Harness Prime Endure

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Product Description

This work harness is perfect for working in highly corrosive environments and water works. It’s constructed from a unique polyester webbing that incorporates special repel technology, which repels oil, dirt, and water. The coating does not impact the webbing’s weight, feel, colour, or texture.

The Maxi Work Harness Prime Endure for Water Works is a durable, long-lasting harness that is perfect for use in highly corrosive environments. What's more, this safety harness comes with stainless steel fittings and repel technology coating that makes it resistant to oil, dirt, and water. In addition, the unique polyester webbing is also highly UV resistant, making it perfect for use in sunny or outdoor environments.

The harness' coating does not impact the webbing's weight, feel, colour, and texture. Easily wipe away liquid spills! Blot the spill with a clean cloth, and brush away dry dirt.

  • Oil, Dirt and water repellent webbing.
  • Highly UV Resistant Webbing
  • Large permanently upright D-ring fall arrest rated.
  • Stainless Steel 2/3 bar buckle connection.
  • Fall arrest frontal belay loops.
  • Certified & Approved to AS/NZS 1891.1.
  • The standard harness is a one-size-fits-all covering M – XL.

Use this work harness as a safety harness for the following:

  • construction & maintenance
  • ladder work
  • scaffolding work
  • warehouse
  • roofing work harness

The Maxi Harness Prime Endure for Water Works - Stainless Steel withstands the harshest conditions. The harness' features also includes a rust-resistant stainless steel construction and is rated for temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, this is ideal for use in water treatment facilities, food processing plants, dairies, breweries, and other demanding industrial environments. Additionally, the Maxi Harness Prime Endure for Water Works - Stainless Steel is perfect for any application where hygiene and safety are paramount, because of its easy-to-clean surface and comfortable fit,

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