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G100 Inline Shorteners

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Product Description

Experience Precision and Reliability with the G100 Inline Shorteners

When it comes to lifting and rigging, having the right tools to handle the job efficiently and safely is paramount. The G100 Inline Shorteners are engineered to provide a dependable solution for adjusting chain lengths and forming secure loops. They embody a harmonious blend of robust design, ease of use, and compliance with Australian Standards, making them an indispensable accessory for achieving precision in various lifting scenarios.

  • Effortless Chain Adjustment and Shortening: Seamlessly shorten chains and form loops, offering a more efficient alternative to traditional grab hooks. The intuitive design facilitates hassle-free adjustment of chain sling leg length, catering to a multitude of lifting scenarios.
  • Premium Design and Material: Each shortener is distinctly marked with chain size, product ID, and grade alongside the manufacturer's quality mark. Crafted from high-quality alloy, these shorteners are engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of lifting and rigging environments.
  • Strategic Load Alignment: Specifically designed to minimise stress on the chain, ensuring that the load is applied in-line to reduce strain across chain links, promoting longer chain lifespan and safer operations.
  • Integrated Locking Device: G100 Inline Shorteners up to 16mm are equipped with a locking device as per Australian Standards, delivering a higher degree of safety and reliability during operations.
  • Comprehensive Testing and Compliance: Adhering to the rigorous Australian Standards, each shortener is tagged and tested. The robust testing at 2.5 times the working load limit is a testament to their reliability in handling heavy loads.
  • Versatile Usage and Application: Ideal for a variety of lifting and rigging scenarios, fulfilling the need to shorten chains or adjust chain sling leg length for optimal load handling.

The G100 Inline Shorteners are synonymous with reliability and precision, ensuring professionals in the lifting and rigging industry can carry out their tasks with an added layer of safety and efficiency. Make the smart choice, and equip your operations with the G100 Inline Shorteners today.

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