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Vehicle & Trailer Safety Chain Hook Kit (Govt. CTA Approved)

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Ensure Accurate ATM Matching for Safety & Functionality

Match your Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) to the specified ATM range in the product list below, ensuring both safety and optimal functionality. Over specifying may result in the hook not fitting the chain link.


Size Compatibility

Trailer Category Trailer ATM Product Code
Light Trailer up to 2,000kg 103506
Heavy Trailer (Removable, Reusable Connector) 2,000kg to 4,000kg 103508


Experience Ultimate Safety with Our Vehicle & Trailer Safety Chain Hook Kit

Step into a realm of unmatched safety with our premium, CTA approved Vehicle & Trailer Safety Chain Hook Kit, meticulously crafted for caravan enthusiasts, retirees, and seasoned travelers. We're the largest retailer of this essential safety kit in Australia, a title we’ve earned through our high volume sales paired with one-on-one personal support. This kit is your beacon of safety, ensuring strict adherence to Australian Government standards. Our customer reviews echo our commitment to personalised service and top-notch safety solutions, making us a trusted choice for many on the road.

Consider attaching hooks to the trailer chain rather than to the vehicle.

Check that the safety chain anchor point on your towbar can accommodate the hook's size. If the hole isn't big enough, you'll need extra hammerlocks to attach to the towbar's anchor points, ensuring there’s enough room for the hook.

Kit Size Hammerlocks Required Size
Light Trailer 2 8mm G80 Chain Connector Hammerlock
Heavy Trailer 2 10mm G80 Chain Connector Hammerlock

Distinctive Features

  • Govt. CTA Certified to ADR 62/02: A badge of safety and compliance assurance.
  • Streamlined Design: Engineered for a precise fit on trailer chains.
  • Explicit Towing Capacity: Marked on each hook for effortless reference.
  • Simple Installation: Visual guide included for an uncomplicated setup.
  • Broad Suitability: Catering to a spectrum of towing requirements.
  • Nationally Recognised: Reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality and legal standards.

Assurance of Quality & Compliance

Stand apart with the sole CTA approved solution in Australia. Our Vehicle & Trailer Chain Hook Kit is a manifestation of steadfast dedication to safety and adherence to legal standards, earning trust nationwide.

What Sets Our Kit Apart?

With its unique attributes, thorough testing, and Govt. CTA endorsement, this kit is your passport to a secure and serene towing journey.

Installation Guide

Refunds & Returns Policy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do they come in different colours?

No, our Vehicle & Trailer Safety Chain Hook Kit is available in orange. The Road Vehicle Regulator specified a bright
visual colour

What is the most I can tow with them?

Our kit is designed for a range of towing capacities, with specific hooks tailored for different weights. The towing
capacity is clearly stamped on each hook for your reference.

What size chain do they fit?

Our Safety Chain Hook Kit is engineered with a slimline design to snugly fit trailer chains. It has been tested with all available chains currently in Australia.

Are they legal?

Absolutely! Our Vehicle & Trailer Safety Chain Hook Kit is Govt. CTA Approved to ADR 62/02, ensuring it complies with
Australian legal standards for safe towing.

Can I install them differently than the instructions?

They are perfectly safe to attach to the chain and hook onto the vehicle, but we suggest getting an additional two hammerlocks of the next size up so the hook has
something to hook through on the car.

What Sets Our Kit Apart?

With its unique attributes, thorough testing, and Govt. CTA endorsement: this kit is your passport to a secure and serene towing journey.

What distinguishes this kit in terms of legal compliance?

Our Vehicle & Trailer Safety Chain Hook Kit is the only one in Australia with a Govt. CTA approval to ADR 62/02, showcasing its adherence to legal and safety standards.

Is the installation process user-friendly?

Absolutely! The kit includes visual instructions ensuring a hassle-free setup, making it user-friendly even for individuals new to towing.

How does the Slimline Design benefit me?

The Slimline Design ensures a snug fit on trailer chains, promoting a secure connection and enhancing safety during towing.

Customer reviews & Testimonials

Customer Reviews

Based on 273 reviews
Sylvia M.
Simply the best !

Quick and easy recommended to anyone wishing to buy one

Tim K.
Safety chain hook

They certainly do there job we unfortunately rolled our van and the safety hooks did not let go
Certainly recommend them

Thank you for your feedback. We're glad to hear that our Safety Chain Hooks performed reliably in your critical situation. Your recommendation is greatly appreciated, and we remain dedicated to ensuring the safety and quality of our products


Great product , easy to fit and easier to use

peter Lewis
Time and energy saving

with 3 trailers, I was constantly wrestling with shackles in the mud. rain, dust and heat. Took me a while and some reading to accept the CTA approval and feel confident in the product

allan cotter

Very happy your product helps me a lot as I have much difficulty bending it saves me time and lots of pain I just grab the chain and fit it so easy & helps me so much

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